You're not alone in asking "so, how does this work?". The process I follow with illustration projects is almost always the same and follows the following 5 steps:
1. Brief
I get to hear about your amazing project and how I can help. We discuss budgets, schedule and ideas! I'm happy to receive the information via email or over the phone. If you are in Perth, Western Australia, we can meet in person in your boardroom or over a coffee.
2. Quote
I supply a quote for approval and my Standard Terms and Conditions. If approved there's a 30% deposit for new clients and then the fun part begins. 
3. Roughs
Digital sketches showing the draft illustration are supplied. This is the stage that we make either make any changes to the design concept, or highlight what needs to be changed before artwork proceeds. See below example of initial rough with finished artwork.
4. Finished Artwork
First draft final artwork! Normally supplied as a low res PDF for easy in-house emailing. We can change the artwork colours if required and make small tweaks to the illustration's elements.
5. Final Artwork Files and Invoice.
Roughs are digital sketches showing the draft illustration. This is the stage that we make any changes to the design concept and the layout.
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